The Innovative Company is now closed for business.


Hot Sauce Kings Blend Skills to Create Smokin’ Marketing Opportunity

Things are heating up for The Innovative Company, a consortium of three award-winning hot sauce entrepreneurs. They joined forces in 2008 to offer exciting new sauces and create and distribute for businesses. Their own sauces are flying off the shelves, and they’re helping a growing number of companies enjoy publicity that makes a profit.

David Ashley Ashley Food Company, Chris McCarthy Insane Chicken, Charlie Schandelmayer Sauce Crafters have 48 years of food industry experience collectively. Ever since they founded The Innovative Company, it’s been a hot commodity. They manufacture and distribute their own products, with hair-raising names such as Deadman Hot Sauce and Afterlife Ghost Pepper Sauce. They also produce and distribute private label sauces for small and large clients, including a successful line or sauces for the B&O Railroad Museum and a sauce for Save A Dog a dog rescue organization.

“We provide this great opportunity for a corporation, nonprofit, restaurant, grocery store, or any business to promote itself and earn some money at the same time,” says Chris McCarthy. “How often can you say that about a marketing scheme?”

The Innovative Company offers its own recipes for custom label sauces or will produce a client’s recipe in quantity. It also offers a variety of pre-printed labels, from the beautiful to the absurd, with client information added at production time, or it can produce custom labels.

“We pride ourselves on the attractiveness of our labels,” says David Ashley. “We work with excellent artists, so our labels make a strong impression – and have a lot of shelf appeal if they’re being sold in a retail outlet.”

The Innovative Company has multiple web stores promoting its products and services and will continually unveil new microsites for new products, each with a profile of the artist who created the product label.

“If you don’t have a good time in a business like this, you must have one foot in the grave,” says Charlie Schandelmayer. “We like to help companies have a little fun while they promote themselves and make a profit at the same time.”